What to Expect

Along with having your mind blown, here are a few more details about what you can look forward to at the Music City Gents show... 75 - 90 sexy minutes of getting extremely hot watching the sexiest dancers in Nashville. Each set is electrifying as the guys drive you wild. They tease until you beg for more... then BOOM they bust out hip-hop, contemporary, and performance dance moves that have you out of your seats cheering.

Throughout the amazing dances and jaw dropping you will be asking for more!

Oh, and there’s drinks! Delicious, alcoholic adult beverages to be had by all. Come have fun and get rambunctious. Your party’s not gonna plan itself y’all so let’s get you started!


Are you dying to get the scoop on what really goes down at a Music City Gents show? We bare all on our FAQ page. Questions we get all the time, like "Will I see some D? Find the answer to this and so much more!

ALL imagery taken at the show is subject to be used for marketing purposes. Your ticket purchase signifies your agreement and understanding of this right we 


1. Respect the venue, Music City Gents staff, venue staff, and fellow patrons.

2. Do not interfere with the show in any way.

3. Do not get on the stage unless invited by the MC or entertainer.


Failure to follow these rules leaves us, Music City Gents, and the venue the right to remove you from our show with zero refund.

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