Coming to Nashville and want a Male Stripper?

** We ask that you Tip our Entertainers a minimum of $75 dollars

** we will coordinate with you how many one dollar bills you want and the entertainer will bring them 

One Entertainer: $150

two entertainers: $250

One entertainer with tickets to the show:  $100

two entertainers with tickets to the show:  $180

  • For the in house entertainment ladies can expect the entertainment to be a minimum of 45 mins to 1 hour but, the groups vibe tends to make them go longer.  However, if you have a scheduled event we of course can adjust to meet your time requirements.  


  • Groups of 10 or more we advise 2 entertainers to allow everyone to be involved  

  • Your Music City Gents entertainer arrives in the costume of your choice: Cowboy or Police Officer.

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