Landon was a performer in Magic Mike XXL with the crew of Labare Dallas and, was one of the top performers at Labare. 


Landon stands at 6 foot 3 inches making his presence alone intimidating while also exhilarating. He carries  a southern charm and, a sweet southern accent.


He is famed at Labare for having the most women at the stage using the slowest songs of George Strait and the best of Shania Twain.  


JP is your boy next door except with 6 pack abs and lots of tattoos.  Ladies, JP can dance for you, make you laugh, and O did we mention he can cook! JP is a well known Chef in the south! Being a chef obviously is the trick to have 6 pack chiseled abs. 

JP knows the way to a girls heart; great food and a dance to take the night away! 

Instagram: @joshpalasini



Nick is a true competitor in all that he does. He demands excellence in himself which ensures you will have a wonderful time. 


He carries a large stature because in his off time he trains for bodybuilding competitions and never puts down a fork.  Tip him and feed him and you will be the best group yet!


Nick is a kind individual who desires for everyone to be fit and reach their goals!  Let him spoil your evening with a remarkable time!


Instagram: yela_wake



Enjoy the full spectrum of a performance as Cody shows you the moves of Micheal Jackson, jaw dropping break dance moves, and he may even sing a sweet country song to you.


Cody is familiar with the spotlight as he is a physique competitor. His confidence joined with his dancing skills make him a skilled entertainer.


Cody enjoys Nashville's nightlife, though many of his evenings are spent serving guests who visit the saloons. Look for him out on the town and you'll be in for a treat!

Max is no stranger to the Broadway scene. You can find him slinging drinks at one of the most famous bars on Broadway.  He is a tall Peruvian man that for sure will make your evening unforgettable.  He likely will have your party dancing to some salsa tunes such as "Suavamente" or, he is talented enough to give you an American cowboy routine. 

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