Updated: Jan 18

Unfortunately, over time male entertainment or male "stripping" for some reason has been associated with words such as raunchy, not classy, and dirty.  We want our customers to be able to view a show and not feel uncomfortable if they are married or in a relationship.  So why can't male entertainment be classy, exciting, fun, and not cross a line that makes women feel uneasy or uncomfortable and, how do we combat the generalized mentality about male entertainment?

Everything Landon has done and will do with Music City Gents has intentionally and specifically targeted to answer those two questions.  We are entertainers who perform classy, fun, entertainment that will make all women regardless of their marital status feel comfortable.

Combating the generalized mentality about male entertainment will take a bit of time and your reviews! However, we know that we can provide a great comfortable time for everyone.   

We hope that we get to entertain you and your crew in the future!

~ Landon

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