The Birth of Music City Gents

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

Music City Gents launched in April of 2018 in Nashville, Tennessee as the number one and only male entertainment stop.  It is not news to anyone that Nashville has a huge amount of tourism however, over the last two years it has become the number one bachelorette location in the nation.  Nashville has everything from line dancing, pedal bars, concerts, shows, history, museums, and the list goes on however, what it did not have was male entertainment in any form.

 Women who have not been to any male revue show tend to be familiar with the classic male entertainer showing up to a house banging on the door as a cop saying they are being too loud….or not loud enough. This is the basis of what Music City Gents would become first with many options of where it could go in the future.

Careful thought was put into every facet of the business to ensure we are seen as a CLASSY and PROFESSIONAL male entertainment business that is respectful while providing one HELL of a DAMN good time!  We conduct ourselves as such and there is not a single bachelorette party that leaves without having an amazing time!

We are excited to entertain the Nashville Bachelorette parties and, ensure they have a wonderful time in our city as all our performers are locals.  

We hope you stay tuned for the future developments of what Music City Gents grows into!

- Landon