Before Nashville's Male Revue kicks off...VACAY


The Music City Gents just recently took a trip to Las Vegas to the big hitters and the big players of the male revue scene. Summed up, we had an absolute amazing time and a blast going to multiple different shows. We had the opportunity to go to the Magic Mike Live show, Chippendales, and Thunder from Down Under! We can't say honestly which one we liked the best because we all had different opinions and tastes to how the show was run. However, of all the things we saw guys dropping in from the ceiling has to be one of the best things we have ever seen a show do!

Sure we gambled a little, drank a little, but, not too much in order to keep our chiseled abs ready for our 2020 season! However, each Gent came back with a new appreciation and understanding of what it is like to do this professionally.

Now, this was the first time any of the Gents had ever been to the Las Vegas! We must say, it was like Hangover 4! Losing a Gent in Vegas is dangers as he could either be in a ditch, passed out behind the bar, or trying to get on stage in order to perform! Well we will not name the specific Gent that caused the most trouble but we are pretty sure they could have likely started a reality tv show in the 4 days we were there. 4 DAYS! That is all we ever needed in Vegas! I am surprised we even survived that long!

We are back in Nashville all alive and well and prepared to kick off the 2020 season. We are bringing you a slice of Vegas with a whole lot of Nashville in there. Look forward to seeing you in the crowd.