Coronavirus (COVID-19) Travel Information

Mask Policy:

Masks will not be required by our guests however, you have the right to wear one if you like. The venue nor Music City Gents will provide masks.   

Destinations experiencing travel disruptions & travel restrictions:

Music City Gents is aware that government mandates have resulted in restrictions on customer travel and customers desire to travel due to the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Due to this event we understand your personal decision may be to not attend your scheduled event and we sincerely regret any inconvenience these situations can cause. 

Taking care of you by taking care of us:

Music City Gents will stay in touch with  Tennessee government’s travel restrictions that affect our ability to deliver our show to you. If this happens our team will notify you as soon as possible with your options. Rest assured, we will offer maximum flexibility and accommodate customers to the best of our ability. We appreciate your patience and trust in us during this unprecedented time.

Canceling your Show or Private Party – Updated April 1st, 2020 at 09:30 a.m. CT:

Shows & Private Parties booked ​- If you are booking a show in 2020 or 2021 and if you decide not to or are unable to travel due to COVID restrictions, we will provide you a voucher that does not expire!  No other refund shall be given.  

Gents precautions — Keeping you safe within our experience:

Your safety and health is of our top priority and we will take all protective measures to ensure our performers are healthy and precautions are being taken.  This includes, but, not limited to taking employee temperatures and other actions as we deem necessary.  Additionally, we hold the right to test the tempatures of our guests.  If you refuse to have your tempature taken you will not be allowed entry to the show and, there will be zero refund. 

Venue cleaning and safety procedures:

We recommend the Valentine website​ as a resource for the ways the venue is taking measures for your safety.  We publicly announce that we are NOT responsible for venuing cleaning, procedures, and/or policies.  If you have concerns, we respectfully ask you to address it with the venue staff.  

Personal safety recommendations:

We recommend the ​CDC’s website​ as a resource for ways that customers can best protect themselves from becoming ill.  Additionally, customers are encouraged to wash their hands frequently and, use hand sanitizer and/or anti-bacterial wipes when traveling.​  Customers are more than welcome to choose to wear a mask if desired however, these will not be provided by the venue staff nor by Music City Gents staff. 

Ongoing updates:

As we make any changes to our operations or procedures, we will update this page with the most current information. A link to this page will remain on our homepage at

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